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Social Media – Fan Clubs – Vicki Wagner

Vicki Wager is an LA based comedian and I’ve been helping her with some promotional aspects – and what I did was start a fan club for her – it’s currently at 1,340 members.

Anyway – when starting up a fan club – you need to consider content – both a release schedule and what the content is.
In Vicki Wagner’s fan club, the posts range from the traditional videos and photos – as well as related to the topic posts – and a little self promotion never hurts.

So since I already screen shot a lot of what I do on Facebook for blogging – I thought I could add some interesting unique content to Vicki’s fan club by sharing the links to posts of the interactions between me and Vicki – a sort of – Hanging with Vicki feature
Exclusive to the fan club on facebook – but obviously, not exclusive-exclusive. being on the blog, eh?

Social Media – using fan clubs and facebook pages


Writer Chat 25 – Layperson Opinion vs Educated Opinon

Opinions vs nuanced understanding of matters

seriously, never prove you are a fool – and really, I don’t know why I entertain myself with these people – oh right – to show my readers how to identify fools so you can avoid them yourselves!

Nina suffers fools for education and entertainment purposes only! and not at all gladly.

ah sweet victory and then bored now! LOL