Writers chat about writers

As a writer, I have never been that connected to reality, so being diagnosed with a pyscholtic break with reality by my doctor, really didn’t register on me as significantly different than my previous experience

but being as capable a communicator as I am, and yet, not being able to communicate with anyone to the result that the event that caused my breakdown were ceased and I was protected according to how the policy of the employer – which is really the law of the land….

I say that reality was broken to start with and I just stopped playing with the sharp edges.

Cultural Context is all location location location

glad that I live in Vancouver, BC Canada
where this means it’s a building on fire
and not that a missile or explosive device went off 

I don’t understand why so many Americans seem to want to return to a civil war state because you know what christian pastors and soldiers
Gays and Lesbians are not going to go away or quietly into night
neither are atheists and more than that
not all straight people are like you – most straight people are willing and able to work and play with others in the same society as themselves.
maybe you should focus on you and consider the morality of calling for the murder of any of the people you assert are made by your god
and consider that it’s not up to you to know our purpose or make decisions about the lives of other people. Mind you own business and clean up your own back yard.

Humour and History

They say the secret to humour is surprise – and while surprise is as surprise does – the real secret to humour is that it contain an essential truth. often painful. No, always painful because pain is an essential part of truth.

It’s how you can recognise it. because it hurts you a little bit because you know when you hrear it, that some tiny part of you then is wrong on some level. so lies become preferred, even despite the very evidence of our own eyes, ears, knowledge and experience.

so the image is a boy joke.

and my response the everything else.



Killer whales, or orcas, living in the North Atlantic might be on the verge of becoming two separate species! One group of orcas (type 1) found across the Northeastern Atlantic were found to have significantly worn-down teeth, which is characteristic of whales that mainly prey on fish and seals. Another group of orcas (type 2) have sharp teeth with minimal wear, meaning they mainly prey on larger marine mammals, such as small baleen whales. These type 2 orcas are found hunting off the coast of Ireland and Scotland, but are more closely related with Antarctic whales than type 1 whales. This implies that orcas around the world may be spreading out and filling in specific ecological niches, just like the finches of the Galapagos, only on a global scale.

This isn’t the only example of multiple orca subspecies. It is well known that orcas occur in three distinct groups off the coast of western North America (the fish-eating residents, the mammal-eating transients, and the mysterious offshore that may eat both fish and mammals) and although they live in the same area, they avoid each other and may not have interbred in over 10,000 years! Antarctic orcas are also found in different groups with very distinct morphological differences (pictured below, with the second link explaining the differences in diet) and dwarf groups have been sighted in this area as well.

Something to think about.. if there are many different subspecies of orca, how do we go about protecting them? There is still lots to learn.


wrong to keep them in tiny prisons:

this is how it should be for whales and orcas:

The Alaska/British Columbia Inside Passage – photos by Nina taken in August 2011:


Then, we encountered a pod of orca whales:

His Noodley Goodness makes his presence known, and we give thanks to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the bounty and beauty of the sea.

You can just make out the whale’s exhale on these above and below images.

And then a dramatic detail from the above:



it’s funny that christians beleive that their religion is the one true one

and have spent the last centuries spreading their stories and asserting them to be true

yet, they never stop to consider that all the stories take place in a very small part of the earth and are concerned with very few population groups that lived in the middle east

and this mighty christian god, couldn’t be bothered to make himself known anywhere else

yet, everyone is supposed to ignore all the history, culture and beliefs that arose where ever humans settled and occupied lands

I don’t understand why missionaries weren’t all eaten when they showed up, telling people that their way of life, their ancestors way of life was all wrong and that everyone should follow what centuries dead desert nomads and goat hearders wrote down

Sticks and Stones Break Bones – but Name calling has long term impact