Spectrum of the universe is towards equality

Leaders and Dictators

Leaders lead people, Dictators dictate to people – without people, there are no leaders nor dictators.

So when we the people have the opportunity to vote and select our leaders, we need to ensure that we are selecting for leadership and not allowing dictators to slip under the radar and dictate to us in defiance of the form of government and the social contract that defines and binds the country.

There are people who seek to be leaders for actually good reasons – but they tend to be naive and idealists – easily crushed by the masses who prefer to hear what we want to hear, rather than object truth, which is harsh and unpleasant.

Marx’s manifesto was such a document, but it was perverted and corrupted by other people for greed and self interest. Age and experience will always trump youth and ideals; which is why there’s never been true communism, Marx was naive.

Luckily, fixing the problems of the globe aren’t hard – we just have to stop trying to fix anything and let the balance be restored – but it’s harsh. Nature is red in tooth and claw.

The reality is that we’ve lost the fight against bacteria – we were in balance until we introduced penicillin – the bugs got better than the medicines because they have a new generation every 20 minutes, their evolution has outraced our artificial selection and artificial impact to the natural environment.

Instead of killing off the susceptible bacteria – to re-balance humans and bacteria, we need to allow the bacteria to kill off the susceptible humans, if we don’t the bacteria will continue to evolve until there’s no human left to be able to withstand them.

So, it’s easy to fix, just hard to get agreement and action on.

Instead of trying to feed everyone in the world, we have to reduce the human population down to the level where it’s matched by the food we can produce – and produce locally.

It’s not cheap produce when it has to be shipped and trucked across the globe – we didn’t do badly eating seasonally according to our region – in fact, we were all healthier and fitter.

We can’t allow for mono-crops and low diversity agricultural – we have to stop with the pesticides that disrupt hormones, because hormones are the same whether it’s bugs or people – we are agriciding ourselves to death.

We nee people in lower density and agriculture more diversified – more bio diversity, not less – more diversity means more things survive drought, disease and extinction-death.

The bees will stop dying when the agricultural diversity is restored – and they are not limited to single foods.

Biodiversity means competition and it’s competition that makes for a strong system.

There’s not a food chain, but a food web – everything is interconnected – and humans have upset the web along all the key support lines:  we’ve over-fished, under-planted, over grown our habitat and left every few places wild and untouched.

Humans will be the extinction event unless we change our ways to sustainability; because  mere existence is the path to extinction;  it is survival that is sustainable.

Right now, humans are not sustainable. Not without the will of the people and moreso, the will of leadership of said people.

To be a leader, one must be popular and popularity is at odds with truth. Specifically, at odds with telling the truth, because we the people don’t want to hear it – we want to hear that things will be okay, even when they won’t.

But they won’t be okay as long as we deny truth – because then, we can’t solve problems when we won’t identify the problems.

This is again were religion points us in the wrong direction – life is special, of all the planets that we know of, ours is the only one with life on it. But the lives of individuals aren’t special or magical or sacred – life itself is.

We are too human-centric in thinking that the universe is our plaything or made just for us, and if we’re good little obedient creatures how don’t play inappropriately with our genitals, then we’ll be rewarded. We are going to die no matter what and who we do with our genitals.

We cannot insist on saving everyone we can, we have to consider the longer picture and think about the people who are only not born, but their parents and their parents and their parents that aren’t conceived yet.

We do not inherit from our ancestors, we borrow against our children.

W e borrow from the future for today – but if we continue to defer the bill, there won’t be a future with humans in it.

Allowing our technology to outstrip our ability to manage it in a way that doesn’t displace people is to doom ourselves tro extinction

How many Easter Islands do we need to see?

Civilizations that used up their resources in worship rather than in sustainable works? Principals and ideals ahead of people do not serve the needs of the people.

The stone heads are interesting, and we know how they were made – but no one is left to tell us why they were made and the making of them – the destruction of the forest for lumber – is what lead to the destruction of the civilization – no forest reduced the biodiversity, lead to soil erosion, lead to famine, to extinction of that culture.

We cannot allow technology to replace human labour and leave nothing for people to do –  this is why the Egyptians didn’t do anything more than discover steam power – it was too costly to figure out how to make use of the power of steam – but also, too costly to figure out work for the displaced workers.

And displaces workers are discontented people, and discontented people tend to revolt and overthrow a system that excludes them.

People with meaningful work are meaningful people, contributing people, people do not sow revolution of the society that they are participating in.

Religion occasionally gets a few things sort of right, but only to ensure that there’s some truth to be found in order to control the masses.

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings, because when you have nothing to do with your hands, it means that you have time to use your mind – and more likely, you will use your mind to see what an evil blight that religion is on the land – and the end of religion is what religion fears the most. It was, after all, the fruit of knowledge that was forbidden.

This is why athiests are a threat to religion, because not only do you not need religion to be good, religion is no good, so no good can come of religion – any good within religion is down to the individual good that people are – it’s despite the/ir religion.

So, bringing it back to election time and leaders and dictators – we the people decide who leads us – either by voting or revolting.

There is an upper limit of how much people can stand a society wherein the social contract is a lie.

This is why no one can win in Afghanistan and we’d been better off to not have gone – change in a nation must come from within – must come from the people.

People won’t change or do anything unless tricked, forced or bribed in normal circumstances and in extraordinary ones – such as we are in in these times of massive social change across the globe – until the truth is less distressing and preferable to the truthiness and lies we generally content ourselves with.

It is time to put aside and away the dictators and lead as we the people. One for all and all for one. Inclusion, multiculturalism, consultation, bottom’s up.

We need leaders who will consult, consider and work cooperatively.

We don’t need wannabes with secretive and controlling agendas who want to be in the big chair and cost us time and money that we don’t have to spend.

So, this Canada Election – remember Danny Williams and mark your ballot – anyone but conservative.

Counting Who Votes

I used to work the federal and provincial elections , in Canada, we not only use an honour system – you don’t need to show government issued identification if you have your voter card – we allow a voting proxy for people who are blind, can’t read, and various other reasons why a person can’t mark their own ballot.

At the polling station where I worked the first time as a polling station supervisor, a man and woman in their 60’s brought in their adult aged son on a gurney – he was so mentally disabled as to not have any awareness of his surroundings – but, he is still a citizen and gets to vote.

In theory and by policy, his father casts the son’s ballot on the son’s behalf as per the son’s instructions.

Hhowever, it is clear to any observer that the son is not capable to give directions to the father to cast an independant ballot; so the father in practise, has two votes.

By not defining what qualitifes people to vote – we are giving people who have control of a person who is unable to comprehend and communicate two votes.

As unpalatable as this situation – which is a rare exceptional circumstance,  the question is:  is it better to allow the rare exception and give a person in effect two or maybe more votes, circumstances depending – what if he had two such offspring?

Or do we set rules and disenfranchise whole swaths of people from voting and in effect, create a second teir of lower citizenship based on ability?

Given our history of the concept of eugenics – improving the human species through a non-random or guided selection based on favourable attributes the way that we breed domesticated animals and plants – and instead, having the process corrupted by religious, political and discriminatory agendas, it’s better to err on the side of allowing minor abuses to include everyone as a single tier of citizenship; than to create levels of qualifications and end up with human rights abusives of people who have no voice or who’s voice have been taken away.

We  happened to have several federal and provincial elections back to back so, after the first year, I was able to advise the ballot officer and clerk to expect the family and ensured that they had a smooth and basically the same voting experience as everyone else without coming to vote and expecting a fight.

That I kinda feel like I abandoned them to train a new polling station supervisor.

Makes me wonder what it was like to vote when the first women were allowed to enter the polling station….