I’ve Gone….well…

Lesbian Heros

All my TV lesbian heros have been created by men. Cool men like Robert Tapert and Joss Whedon. Okay, yes, I am referring to geek guys as cool, because to me, geeks have always been the coolest and least conformiest.

Both Tapert and Whedon created strong women characters who were more than strong women, they were women identified women.

Xena & Gabrielle and Buffy & Willow held their own as women in their respective male dominated worlds.

So I started thinking about what kind of woman heroic shows would women, lesbians, create on their own.

It occurred to me that a woman created show would be more likely a trio of women – either three types of women of a similar age that reflected some juxtaposing of the maiden, the mother and the crone

go through the series to say what you would have written differently

like when Valesca becomes a goodess, why didn’t most of the amazons bow down?

why don’t the background characters react more to what they see rather than going along with the hero character

the amazons were willing to follow Valesca in life, why wouldn’t they have followed her as a goddess?

When we see and experience those big movie moments, we have to be moved and impacted, changed course because of them, following the natural curve to the plot will lead to much more interesting higher stake stories.

The Gender Wars – have to wonder why straight people bother….