Collective Psychological Wellness

The symptoms of workers off on disability should be a clue as to the collective mental state or personality disorders (diagnosis wise) of their direct management and senior management

Particularly if the employees were going to senior management for help with concerns about their direct management.

It seems to me that if an organization like the US Military can use population statistics of suicides, PTSD, workplace violence, and other behaviour disorder statistics, such as spousal or child abuse, to take an overall mental health snapshot of the military personnel – and then extrapolate that back to the population demographics

That large employers, such as the civil service are also excellent laboratories for study of mental unwellness. However, this serves no purpose unless it’s to ensure that no one falls down cracks or gets lost in the time table of moving through the process.

There is much we can be doing to make life better, there only needs to be the leadership will to do so.