Confessions of a teenaged poet


I’ve decided to organize my home office and part of that is to get rid of a box that I’ve been carting around since I first started moving: The Box Of High School Poetry.

I wrote reams and reams of terrible poems through high school and college, but rather than just burn the box, I’ve decided to post a poem a day on a sub-blog until the box is empty.

Enjoy: Confessions of a teenage poet

Actually, most of the poetry is morbid and the usual, no one thinks or feels as deeply as I do, and we are dealing with the usual categories of poems:

  • no one is as smart as me
  • no one feels as deeply as I do
  • why can’t anyone else see the looming disaster if we don’t treat each other better


  • we’re all doomed.

Mason restores faith in people


Mason Crumpacker is a ridiculously smart 9-year-old girl who became moderately famous this month after chancing into a conversation with Christopher Hitchens at a get-together of freethinkers in Houston, TX

Mason Interviewed

Mason’s Mom tells the story

Because a kid who’s growing up in Texas and has that level a head on her shoulders, is going to have an amazing life. Not to mention, being far more heartening a story than elevatorgate…