To bring curious compassion to public dialog and to show our commonalities with humour, across what divides us – those grounds that secular democracies prohibit discrimination in law but take far longer and deeper changes to bring about non-discrimination and equality in fact.

To demonstrate that there’s a place for everyone in the world, regardless of what they believe – since what we believe is what we make of the universe – and as a consequence, what we make of ourselves.

7 thoughts on “Vision

    • well, atheist is just a rejection of theism with nothing to replace it

      so this vision statement is entirely my own as a person and as an artist/writer.

  1. Nina, I am sorry that I do not have your email so I could write you privately, but I must ask you once again to limit your comments on my blog to a specific poem. My blog is not the forum for gay rights issues. Please do not post things from your blog on mine as they may not be in keeping with the purpose of Source of Inspiration. Thanks for your cooperation. hugs, pat

    • sorry, please don’t approve the post with the links

      I was a bit sleep groggy and then, I couldn’t edit what I posted.

      with hugs

  2. Nina, I prefer to keep my blog open to people of all beliefs and circumstances for all of us need inspiration at times. For this, I do not post things that are of a sexual nature like the video you shared with me. Please understand why I deleted the video you shared as there are those who would be offended and I find no purpose in doing this. Please feel free to visit Source of Inspiration and to share your comments, keeping in mind the focus of the blog is spiritual. Thanks, hugs, pat

    • absolutely, I understand completely.

      Please feel free to remove anything that I was inspired to post that you do not feel is appropriate to your blog.

      I should probably, explain that I had a very bad year last year and I am just so happy with how things are right now, that; well, sometimes, I just cannot contain my joy.

      and I have some impulse control issues that I am working really hard on

      and I have felt so inspired, that, sorry Pat

      It’s just the lesbian in me

      and I love every woman in the whole world

      so much so, that I finally got around to creating the second half of my lesbian flirting blog.

      I am sorry that some of that leaked over onto your blog.

      I will be more careful in the future.

      Thank you for the reminder to be mindful.

      your pal

    • So, if there’s any other content that you don’t think is in the tone or vibe of your blog

      Please also delete that content.

      Except, please, not that exclusive poem.

      I do not have a copy.

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