Writer Stats

  • approx 500 poems and song lyrics,
  • newspaper articles (news, entertainment, features)
  • almost a dozen short scripts
  • handful of short stories
  • 9 three day novel contest entries
  • approximately 16 feature scripts
  • reviewed over 300 spec scripts spanning three peer review websites
  • too many press releases, newsletters, web page content to list
  • too many Briefing Notes, Reports, Memos, Correspondence, Powerpoint Presentations, Oral Presentations, Written Submissions, to list

Production Experience

Television – Western Cable 4 – over 150 hours of in studio (recorded and live broadcast) and on location – call in shows, themed talk shows, arts and sports events of local community interest.

Experience: sound, lighting, cameras, chyron graphics, editing.

Vancouver Film School – Filmmaking level one, class 16, 1992.

Lavender Productions:

– Chrysalis – Self Produced short film

– Breast Implant Conference – Vancouver Women’s Health Collective – UBC Hospital produced documentation of the event – filmed and edited.

Other Experience


  • news, arts, features and community beat – Xtra! West and Angles (also News Editor…)
  • Arts Article – Surrey Leader
  • Op Ed – Vancouver Sun
  • news, photography, arts reviews at the student papers of Simon Fraser University, Kwantlen College and Sardis Secondary School.

Disc Jockey – SFU’s Campus Station – then called CJOR

Acting Classes and performances through High School and into University

Technical Theatre – university

Choir from elementary school through High School. Now a just in the shower or in the car sort of thing.

Marketing and Promoting Yourself as a writer

Be a subject matter expert blogger – book reviews

Leveraging Social Media – bonus social media tip videos from Suzanne Lyons, Snowfall Films & Flash Forward Institute

Facebook Fan Club

Fanclub Newsletter vol 1

Fanclub Insider View # 2

Fanclub Newsletter vol 2 – high school acting/writing origins (teen poet blog link)

Social Media – Facebook groups and pages – Bonus: Inside Nina’s Fan Club – view #3

Social Media – Fan Clubs – Vicki Wagner

Fanclub Newsletter vol 3 – Career Planning  and …

Social Media – Publicity plus support – networks – professional becomes personal

Dreams, Plans and Reality

Professional relationships and networking

The future of autographs – & gaining fans (Shut in Stand Up)

Fan Club Newsletter California Dreaming

Public Image and Fan Clubs

Fan Club – Oscar Fantasies

Writer Seeks Audience

Industry Networking – support, supporters and all types

Nina’s Rules of Writer-ing

  1. Writing is not talking about what you will write.
  2. Writing is for an audience, Journaling is for yourself.
  3. It’s better to be an unproduced writer than an unproductive one.
  4. When you write IT, it’s yours, when you sell IT, it’s theirs.
  5. To be sell-able, it can’t be about you, it must be about the audience.
  6. Understand the Demographics of your Audiences: Fan Core, Friends of Fans, General Punters, the Indifferent to the Hostile.

A blogdex of fiction blogs – short stories or short scripts, or anything to do with writing.

Writer Chat – conversations between writers and between this writer and performers. These chats span all my blogs, so offsite links are noted

Writer Chat 83 – On being a writer

Writer Chat 82 – Context and Subtext – Metaverse to Motifs

bonus: Writer Chat 81 – the Black List –   Create a Verse

Writer Chat 80 – Comedy gags and Character Perspective

Writer Chat 79 – Loglines, Pitching, Story Development to Selling

Writer Chat 78 – remakes

Writer Chat 77 chatting about chatting with writers (big name ones too!)

Writer Chat 76 “lesbian” porn – Shut In Stand Up

Writer Chat 75 Television’s Influence

Writer Chat 74 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – the Digital Divide (Shut In Stand Up)

Writer Chat 73 – Writing What you Know (Lezflirt – Poly, D/L or just a cheater)

Writer Chat 72 – Zoetrope Review Contest

Writer Chat 71 – Zoetrope Office – Emergency Preparedness (Stand In Shut Up)

Writer Chat 70 – Promotion – self and cross supported  (Screenplay Theatre, Ken Mora)

Writer Chat 69 – Geekdom (star wars, DVD special editions, fanedits, childhood science fiction)

Writer Chat 68 – PJ McIlvaine – Raping Republicans

Writer Chat 67 Equality and the Social Contract – Dianne Cameron, Stuart Creque

Writer Chat 66 – Silver Screen – with Gordon Meyer, PJ McIlvaine, Melody Simmons

Writer Chat 65 Profile – Bhaga d’Auroville (Lab of Evolution) – Gratitude

Writer Chat 64 – Vicki Wagner – Bible as Literature – Supernatural Fantasy, not even historical fiction. …not.just.saying

Writer Chat 64 Profile – Siolo Thompson – graphic media artist – paintings, drawings

Writer Chat 63 – Vicki Wager – Lesbian Pulp Novels – culture and subtext for subcultures (Lezflirt Blog)

Writer Chat 62 – Fandom and Critique of popular culture

Writer Chat 61 – Gordon Meyer – volunterism

Writer Chat 60 Publicity – with Vicki Wagner (comedian, performer)

Writer Chat 59 PROFILE: Pj McIlvaine (screenwriter)

Writer Chat 58 – PROFILE: Melody Simmons  (novelist)  bonus writer tip!

Writer Chat 57 – Flirting dialog vs Friendly Banter – actor delivery makes all the difference (subtext)

Writer Chat 56 – building relationship networks

Writer Chat 55 – Publicity (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 54 Gratitude and Sunshine (Living Well)

Writer Chat 53 with Vicki Wagner re: Book recommendations for the entertainment industry inclined

Writer Chat 52 with  re: Trilogies and ratings

Writer Chat 51 with Pj McIlvaine  and regarding storytelling

Writer Chat 50 with K’Anne Meinel re: atheism

Writer Chat 49 with K’Anne Meinel   Shut in Stand Up   Lezflirt
Writer Chat 48 – writing porn and more (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 47 – Marriage and Equality

Writer Chat 46 – comedy to drama

Writer chat 45 – visualizations towards dating and mating (lezflirt)

Writer Chat 44 – superstition (Shut in Stand Up)

Writer Chat 43 – Strong Female Characters

Writer Chat 42 – Pain and pain management (living well)

Writer Chat 41 – Separation of Hollywood and Religion

Writer Chat 40 – True Love and Truest Love (Lezflirt)

Writer Chat 39 – community, networking leads to freindships

Writer Chat 38 – With Comedian VICKI WAGNER – writing what you know

Writer Chat 37 – goofing around  – but also an editing tip – don’t miss this one!

Writer Chat 33 – Heart Smart (Living Well)

Writer Chat 31 – Ratings and Reviews

Writer Chat 30 – Contests

Writer Chat 29 – Social Media (Shut in Stand Up)

Writer Chat 28 – Parenting (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 27 – Health and Wellbeing (Living Well)

Writer Chat 26 the secret to humour  (shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 25 – Layperson Opinion vs Educated Opinion

Writer Chat 24 – why people shouldn’t piss off writers (Shut in stand up)

Writer Chat 23 – Politics and mental health

Writer Chat 22 – Humour and Catharsis (Living Well)

Writer Chat 20 – confidentially butch to butch and shoe porn (lezflirt)

Writer Chat 19 – battle of the genders

Writer Chat 17 – Legit Rape the mindfuck

Writer Chat 14 – American Education and Politics ….

The lost art of conversation

Writer chat about writers

Writer chat 9 Expanded post edition (Living Well)

Writer Chat – Gun control and the Canada/America Cultural divide

Writer Chat 9 – Sexuality (Lezflirt)

Writer Chat 8 – normality

Writer Chat 6 – Equality

Writer Chat 5 – Credible Hulk (Shut in Stand Up)

Writer Chat 4 – society-and-stereotypes

Writer Chat 3 – Black Cats (Shut in Stand Up)

Writers chat about the entertainment industry (shut in Stand Up)

About Writing: Advice and considerations for newbies and word smithing

Smut – Sexuality, Censorship, Subtext and Pop  Psychology

If I could be Like Xena

Your book will change the world

A Year of Book Reviews

Art Therapy, Creativity and Recovery (Living Well)

Don’t Just Dream It, Be It

Writing Sex Scenes

Creative Perspective: writing what you know or experience (Living Well)

Dreams are aspirations

Lesbian Movies – Cultural Connectedness (Living Well: Second Chances and to the Next Chapter

Queer Sensibilities – Queer Literati

Slash Fan Fiction (Lezflirt)

Screen Writing for Hollywood

Remembering Lavender Productions

Writing Concept-: Subtext is about knowing your segmented audience

Screenwriting 101

filmmaking and screen writing books-and-resources

Peer Review Websites – how people behave puts on context on their credibility

Where do you get your ideas from? Life and In Memorium: Debbie Knowlton-Taylor

Writing for multi-level audiences – insiders and punters

Screenwriting and Hollywood

Wordsmything (Shut In Stand Up)

Nina’s Rules of Writering – Subtext

Nina’s Rules of Writering – Comedy and Humour

Federation Rules

Nina’s Rules of Writering

Xena Season Six

Xena Season Five

Xena: Season Four

Xena: Season Three Review

Curious Compassion

Vampire Love

Xena: Season Two

Xena: Season Two

Xena and Gabrielle

Unique Arena with Universal Appeal

Dear George Lucas

Three Day Novel Writing Tips n Tricks

Learning from Movies

Selected Writings by Nina Tryggvason

Confessions of a Teenaged Poet – Blog collection of approximately 500 poems – High School to College era

Shut In Stand Up – current day comedy writing

Lez Flirt – An ongoing manual and workshop to teach people how to flirt. Lezflirt Workshop 1994 through incarnations as a manual, a humour essay in Lezzie Smut (Vancouver lesbian porn magazine) then a website under Web 1.0 and re-imaged as a blog in Web 2.0, where Lezflirt 101, now includes 201, 301 and 401 level courses. All free and online.

Living Well – a sub blog of Nina’s Garden that is essay and information pertaining to health and well being pertaining to the individual experience of existence, rather than the more collective global view reflected on this main blog, Nina’s Garden.

Short Film Scripts

TV Made Me…


Queer Robin Hood

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