Rainy leaves and wilting buds

We’ve had several days of rain – which is great for the younger plants, but not so much for the roses and poppies.

The Lady’s Mantle image is an older shot, because I really like the water drops on leaves and this one is very dramatically different from the lupins.

Bees are still a favorite, but I also snagged a lady bug on a leaf.

The red Chicks n Hens is interesting because it shows three generations of the plant, the outmost and small are the new baby plants this year, the centre ring was babies last year – and the tall centre on will flower and not come back next year. I’ll be sure to post pictures because usually the green chicks n hens crowded out the red ones, so they never completed a life-cycle for me before.

New plant featured is the hydrangea. We transplanted this three years ago and it’s doing well this year and we’ve got buds for the first time – looking forward to seeing what colour they will be – since it depends on soil acidity.

Next year, I’ll put some pine needles around it to change the colour.

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