everything we can know that we know, we know from people

usually it’s you’re not raised religiously

or you have learned and experienced enough about the world, that you see that religion is a means to control the masses and consolidate wealth and power into the religious elite hierarchy.

everything that we know has been invented by people – religion is just another fiction we tell to try to explain the universe

but once the church’s power no longer included being able to execute scientists

we no longer need religion to provide explanations that it is not scalable enough to do. Why the earth shook, why the crop failed or volcano blew – sure, didn’t sacrifice the right number or kind of virgins.

Science explains the world, through an exhaustive body of observation, analysis, testing and experimentation – all peer reviewed.

while religion or so called alternative medicine, is invented by a single person or small group and is untestable and unproven – in fact, when proper scientific methods are used to test – whatever is tested, fails to generate the advertised result.

Because when one person invents something, like homeopathy or chiropractic care, it’s invented from their understanding of the body, of naturalism, of reality – and more often than not, this understanding is faulty or utterly lacking.

The idea that dissolving something in water transfers it’s qualities to the whole of the water, which can then be used as a concentrate to be diluted in more and more water could make sense only if you have no understanding of chemisty and molecular properties.

Because the water molecules do not take on the property of molecules diluted in the water, they just suspend them. The dissolved substance to the naked eye disappears into the water – but at the molecular level, it’s like mixing up different sized and shaped balls – the football does not take on the appearance of basketballs or softballs – they bounce off each other and float around in the liquid medium.

To taking that “concentrated” water with the substance dissolved doesn’t convert the subsequently added water to a substance charged water – it just further thins out the solution.

Really, if water could absorb properties of what it came in contact with, then water would be all we need – because water touches everything. Like air, water connects all living things and the earth cycles both water and air through weather systems, through watersheds.

So if homeopathy was real, we wouldn’t need to have invented it, because it would be already quietly working away in the background every time we drank water from any source.

The problem is that it was invented in a time where there wasn’t a lot of understanding about chemistry and we are living in a time when even though science can provide an answer – not enough people are conversant in science to put these myths to bed – and more than that – people want to beleive.

And people who want to beleive will not seek out information that is contrary to said belief – especially if it’s dear to them or driven by desperation.

They want to beleive that there’s a quick and no hassle way to fix their personal and social problems; no matter how long the poor behaviours or health has taken to build up.

We want a pill that will take off 20 pounds while we sleep. We don’t want to exercise self discipline to eat 1 cookie instead of 1 row or 1 box. One is One, right? Am I right?

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