An Experiement in books

Jenny, from A Religious Experiment, and I are doing a book exchange.

I happened upon Jenny’s post in which she talks about exposing herself to other viewpoints.

So, we agreed to an exchange of books, rather than just referring each other book titles, to make it more interesting – and we’ll be reviewing the books on our respective  blogs.

I am sending Jenny: The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in a Polygamous Mormon Sect [Hardcover] Daphne Bramham

5 thoughts on “An Experiement in books

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    • It turns out that when I read that Saints book, I had not bought it, I had borrowed it from a friend – which I realized when I spent part of the weekend looking for the book to mail it down south.

      So, instead, I’ve ordered a copy online and am having it delivered.

      Because reading that book once was enough, and it really shows how bad religion gets.

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