7 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Blindsided by 8 year old

  1. This was hilarious!

    Aside from her entire answer, which was to another question, even given to that question (why can’t gay people get married?), the answer is suffering from a very obvious equivocation: “We all have the same rights.” is not equal to “We all have to abide by the same laws.”

    Obviously we all have the same rights, and that’s exactly why gay women and men demand for just laws.

    • I don’t know how anyone could say a gay should marry a straight person

      without any sense of the horror of the reality of that relationship

      how brain dead and unfeeling are these people?

      • I agree, she (and many others like her) are absolutely nut bags.

        This reminded me of something. In the mid east, which is homophobic, and Islam fuels that homophobia, the solution for gay men and lesbians has been to marry each other! Of course they both know before hand that the other is gay, and it is like a contract to shut their families up that usually brag “Why don’t u get married?!”

        The irony is they specially need a bigger house, of course, since there soon will be 4 of them!

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