Source of Inspiration

People whose greed and
personal desires supersede
the welfare of the souls
of others are truly evil.
To deliberately degrade
another’s innermost being
is a form of enslavement
all too often found in
every day people.

These “people of the lie”*
suck the spirit of others dry
and leave them hopeless using
various methods such as verbal
abuse, isolation, control,
even physical and sexual abuse
to death.

Too often they wear masks of
civility; fine pillars of
the community they are, yet
their intent is dark, relentless,
totally self-serving.

Beware of evil; it has many
disguises. It whispers false
words of friendship, of love
in our ears. Trust your instinct.
If you feel drained, unsure, out of
balance after contact with someone,
pay attention.

Be with those who inspire you,
who fill you with joyous laughter,
who help you to be the best of
who you are.


*”People of…

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