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Short Answers to Christians’ “Gay Bashing” Scriptures


Due to the disturbing vote in North Carolina to constitutionalize marriage as being between one man and one woman; because of my friends who are Christian and believe the Bible to be against homosexuality and for Reparative Therapy; to educate the ignorant masses who listen to such hate-mongers as Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum, Fox News, Family Research Council, People for the American Way, NARTH, Focus on the Family, and others, I have decided it’s time to send a message out.

This is my little treatise on the VERY few “Gay Bashing” scriptures in the Bible. I will also include a couple of instances in the Bible that many learned men believe are representative of some same-sex relationships and example of biblical homosexuality, one of which, was “blessed” by Jesus’ healing.

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The Shut-in Stand-Up


Secular marriage is two people exclusive of all others.

Religious marriage is two humans plus God – kinkiest threesome

Religious Marriage is also a man and as many women as his community leader is willing and able to assign to him with a three wife minimum.

Cultural Polyandry is a woman married to two men, usually brothers.


So which is the most wholesome and monogamous marriage?

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