There are no human subspecies: Discrimination is ignorace

Blooms and buds in dew

Source of Inspiration

We compete for best grades in school,
to get a higher paying job. Sports
from Little League to Olympics
teach us that competition makes
us powerful and favored. Almost
every aspect of our lives in our
cultures pushes us to compete, but
at what cost?

We sense shame when we do not get
one of the limited slots in a
“prestigious” university–“You are not
good enough,” that niggly voice
whispers. No matter how well you
play an instrument, paint or do
anything, there is always someone
who is better than you.

What would the world be like where
we fostered co-operation? Each
person has equal value both in the
eyes of others and in ourselves?

We often feel helpless to change the
world that seems so far astray, but
changing competition to co-operation
is something you can begin today. Model
co-operation for your children and reward
them when they co-operate…

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